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Navigator CO2 Holds onto South Dakota Pipeline Hopes
USAgNet - 09/19/2023

Have you heard about the carbon pipeline buzz in South Dakota? Navigator CO2, the company behind the proposal, just faced a setback. But here's the twist – they're not backing down yet.

On September 6, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission said "nope" to Navigator’s construction permit. However, Elizabeth Burns-Thompson from Navigator says they’re still in the game. “We haven't written off any state,” she shared.

Now, some insider info suggests Navigator has been tweaking its operations in South Dakota since the rejection. The company's waiting eagerly for the commission's official written denial, expected by September 26. Why? Well, they want to understand the reasons and plan their next steps. Burns-Thompson mentions that they'll re-strategize once they get that in hand.

A small grapevine gossip suggests Navigator is quitting the South Dakota part of its project. But Burns-Thompson sets the record straight – the company hasn't sent any official withdrawal notices.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Amy Solsma, an Iowa landowner, shared a text where a land agent hinted at the project's shutdown. However, trust is an issue. “I'm skeptical about everything they say,” quips Amy.

Navigator dreams of a whopping $3 billion, 1,300-mile pipeline, transporting liquid carbon dioxide from several ethanol plants to Illinois. A federal tax credit of $85 per metric ton of stored carbon. This is Uncle Sam’s way of fighting climate change.

Hold on, Navigator isn't alone in this race. Summit Carbon Solutions, another ambitious player, faced similar permit hurdles in North Dakota and South Dakota. But they're not giving up either!

All eyes are now on Iowa's next move, where Navigator seeks a thumbs up for its permit by next fall. So, for those tracking the carbon pipeline saga, the story is far from over.

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