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Idaho Tops Western States in Farm Income
USAgNet - 09/20/2023

Ever wondered which Western state shines the brightest in farming? It’s Idaho! While California might be the big farm player, Idaho wins on a per-person basis.

Let's break it down. Per capita farm income is like taking all the money farmers make and dividing it by the state's population. In 2022, for every Idahoan, farmers produced a cool $5,794 in agricultural revenue. Now that’s impressive!

Wondering about the other Western states? Montana clinched second place at $3,939, and Wyoming took bronze with $3,296. Poor California lagged at $1,434. Bryan Searle, the big boss at the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, said this stat alone showcases just how vital farming is for Idaho.

Our friend Brett Wilder, an ag economist at the University of Idaho, did the math for us. He pointed out something neat: Idaho's farming income is growing faster than its booming population. From $4,392 in 2021 to $5,794 in 2022, that’s a 32% leap.

Looking at the big picture, agriculture fuels about 13% of Idaho's total economy. It gives jobs to one in eight Idahoans and contributes 18% to the state's economic output.

Now, a shout-out to Idaho’s star players. Dairy led the way, milking a handsome $4.3 billion. Next up, cattle raked in $2.25 billion. And let’s not forget the famous Idaho potatoes, earning a tasty $1.2 billion.

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