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Cook's Country Magazine Launches 'On the Road'
New York Ag Connection - 02/13/2018

Cook's Country magazine has launched "On The Road," a new regular section designed to seek out America's hidden dishes and tell the stories behind the most interesting restaurants across the U.S. The goal is to create foolproof recipes based on these undiscovered gems so that anyone can have a taste of the road at home.

"Cook's Country magazine, Cooks Country online, and Cook's Country television are all designed to highlight the best in American fare. We recognize that to expand our knowledge we need go out into the world and talk to people," said Tucker Shaw, editor . "We're constantly and consistently amazed by what we learn in unexpected places, and connecting and inspiring home cooks with stories from around the country is incredibly rewarding."

As part of the series, Executive Food Editor Bryan Roof and Staff Photographer Steve Klise will travel the country in search of the very best traditional and down-home fare, along with American takes on cuisines from around the world. In big cities and small towns, home kitchens and busy restaurants, truck stops and taco trucks, Roof and Klise will meet with America's best cooks to hear their stories and learn their secrets.

"There is always more to the story when it comes to food," said Roof. "When we are on the road, our mission is to look for recipes in places with deep roots in their communities--dishes that are deeply beloved locally. I want to meet the people who brought these recipes to life and listen to their personal anecdotes."

The "On the Road" series will help our community find their way to America's most interesting restaurants. And true to its mission, Cook's Country will take these recipes and stories back to America's Test Kitchen headquarters to develop practical, approachable recipes. Dozens of tests, re-tests, and cross-tests--a process that can take weeks--will ensure that the published recipes work, every time, giving home cooks a taste of the road.

The first On the Road stories include a search for the best blintzes in New York City, a visit to South Philadelphia's Italian-American neighborhood for inspiration on creating the perfect meatball, and a trip to Houston to learn firsthand about the origins of the humble steak fajita.

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