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NYS Farmers Make Very Little Planting Progress
New York Ag Connection - 05/14/2019

New York averaged 2.0 days suitable for field work.

Very little progress was made as cold, wet weather continued to have impacts across the state, creating muddy, unfavorable conditions.

Only some manure application was accomplished in terms of field work. Producers were concerned about how the season has progressed thus far, with prevented plantings and seed changes the main focus.

Some areas had more reports of winter kill on hay and winter crops.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

Albany/ Schenectady/Schoharie/Hamilton/Otsego Counties; Sandra Ferry Scott, Schoharie/Schenectady/Albany FSA: The cold, wet weather pattern just will not let go. The pasture height is good and ready to go but the wet weather is causing mud everywhere. Grass hay is close if not ready to go in most of my area but it is too wet to go in the fields. Ground temperature is still cold and wet causing issues, trying to get corn and other crops planted.

Broome County; Maria Heath: Very wet conditions hindering field work. Pastures being punched up.

Cayuga County; Colleen Cargile, Cayuga County FSA: The cool, wet weather pattern continues. Very little tillage has been completed thus far, and just about nothing has been planted, except for maybe a few acres of spring seeding and grains. I was driving around the southern end of the county last week, which usually has substantial acres of corn planted by now, but they are in the same boat as everyone else this year. Being that it is the middle of May and nobody has anything done, people are starting to get nervous. I anticipate that there will be MANY prevented planted acres reported this year, but that isn't really an option for these large dairy farms that need to feed their cows. It's really becoming a scary situation, so hopefully the weather pattern changes soon and farmers can start to get in the fields.

Chemung/ Cortland/ Tioga/ Tompkins Counties; Janice Degni: It was a week of rain that offered few days for field work and then only on the well-drained soils. Some acres of corn have been planted but many can't even get started. Hay crop growing like gang busters with the plentiful moisture. Grass fields will be ready to harvest for top quality this week but wet conditions might not allow that. The slow and much delayed start to planting season is affecting farmer's state of mind in a negative way. Everyone anxious for a change in weather pattern.

Cortland/ Tompkins Counties; Jennifer Doty: Muddy, cold conditions have spring field work moving far behind schedule. Pastures are growing, but excessive wet and cold have delayed spring turnout; some are turning out anyways as stored feed has run out.

Delaware County; Mariane Kiraly, Cornell Cooperative Extension: Continued cold and wet conditions were keeping farmers off the fields.

Franklin County; Jennifer Bosley, Franklin County FSA: Field conditions remain cold and wet. There has been extensive winterkill to alfalfa & alfalfa-grass fields due to the heavy ice this winter.

Genesee/ Niagara/ Orleans Counties; Nathan R Herendeen: Soil conditions were just too wet to plant. Conditions are extremely bad for spring planted annual crops. Grasses and alfalfa and clover continue to grow slowly. Wheat making growth as expected, but short stems are likely. Very little field activity. Some manure application.

Lewis County; Joe Lawrence: Continued wet and cold were keeping people out of the field. There were also more reports of winter kill in perennial hay crops and winter grains.

Livingston County; Dean R Pendergast: Limited progress again due to current weather pattern. Seed changes and prevented plantings are main topics of discussion.

Madison County; Jessica Pylman: Madison County farmers appear to be at a standstill with fitting ground and planting. There was little to no progress in field work this week. Even with a nice day there was so much water in the fields, there's not much able to be done. Grass hay looks great but it's so wet, I don't foresee any haying being done any time soon. The ground is just too wet to get on in most cases.

Ontario County; Joann Rogers, County Executive Director FSA: Another week of off and on rain showers for Ontario County; limited activity in the fields with the continued rain and temperatures cooler than average.

Oswego County; Ellen deMey: Cool, wet weather has continued and little to no progress has been made. Very few onions have been planted.

Rensselaer/ Saratoga/ Warren/ Washington Counties; David Holck, USDA-Farm Service Agency: Our dreary & damp weather pattern continues. A few producers were able to put in seedings and plant some corn on well drained gravel or sandy soils. Most farmers have not been able to do much field work.

Schuyler/ Seneca Counties; Kathy Mastellar, CED, Seneca/Schuyler FSA: Once again, another week of rain and minimal field work has been done. Producers are very concerned with the final planting date only a month away.

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