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Ice Cream Heir Establishes The Frozen Happiness Initiative
New York Ag Connection - 05/14/2018

Ice Cream Heir David Smith, founder of Smith Global Ventures ( and former chief operating officer of classic ice cream brand company CoolBrands International, one of the original producers of the beloved Chipwich and Eskimo Pie ice cream novelties, and whose family once owned famous New York ice cream brands like Dolly Madison Ice Cream and Sedutto, has established The Frozen Happiness Initiative to help support charitable organizations and guide innovative frozen dessert startups.

Smith's father, Richard E. Smith, created the super premium ice cream brand Frusen Glädje in the 1980s, which means "Frozen Happiness" in Swedish. Frusen Glädje Ice Cream pints were packaged in innovative white domed containers, sold in supermarkets, and competed with Haagen-Dazs until the brand was acquired by Kraft Foods. Although Frusen Glädje Ice Cream hasn't been on the market for decades, the iconic brand is remembered by many and is still referenced today in popular TV shows, most recently in Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi spoof "The Orville."

Smith stated "What better way to honor my father, Richard, than to name this new initiative after the famous ice cream brand that he created." The purpose of The Frozen Happiness Initiative is twofold- to help support important charitable organizations which are making a difference in the lives of adults, children, animals, and the environment, and to identify innovative new startups, focused on the ice cream and frozen dessert sector. Through Smith's experience, The Frozen Happiness Initiative would help guide these startups through the treacherous waters that many new businesses face, provide access to early stage capital, and help bring their innovative product to market at the appropriate time.

Smith further commented "The global ice cream industry is valued at approximately $55 billion in revenues, however frozen dessert innovation has been stagnant for decades and consumers have grown tired of the same products, flavors, and form factors such as pints, half gallons, and novelties. I'm hoping, through The Frozen Happiness Initiative, we will be able to support important charitable organizations and see more excitement and innovation in the frozen dessert segment."

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