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New Yorkers Get Nearly Perfect Week for Fieldwork
New York Ag Connection - 05/17/2022

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in New York, there were 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday.

Topsoil moisture supplies were 2 percent very short, 12 percent short, 82 percent adequate, and 4 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 1 percent very short, 6 percent short, 82 percent adequate, and 11 percent surplus.

Spring tillage hit 67 percent complete, on par with last year's 68 percent.

Sixtyt-two percent of barley is planted, ahead of the 5-year average of only 38 percent. Barley emerged was 33 percent, over double the 5-year average of 15 percent.

Corn planted totaled 34 percent, well ahead of 2021 of 13 percent and the 5-year average of 14 percent.

Oats planted was 65 percent, behind last year's 69 percent but on part with the 5-year average of 51 percent. Emerged was 19 percent.

New York soybeans planted totaled 27 percent, ahead of 2021's 13 percent and the 5-year average of 5 percent.

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