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New York Ag News Headlines Launches Healthy Monday Series Partnership
New York Ag Connection - 08/10/2017 and The Monday Campaigns, a non-profit public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities that dedicates the first day of every week to health, are working together to bring a message of wellness and empowerment to an ever-widening circle of health-conscious Americans.

Dedicated to helping everyone make their best, healthiest choices, the Monday Campaigns is based on the solid science of the Monday reset. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins demonstrates that the every Monday reset can positively affect a range of healthy behaviors. People view Monday as a day for a fresh start and are more likely to starts diets and exercise regimes, quit smoking and schedule doctor's appointments on Monday than any other day. And Monday best efforts are effective: Dieters have greater long-term success if they use Monday as a "reset" day to get back on track and people report that starting the week off with exercise, healthy eating, good stress management, and a positive attitude keeps them on track throughout the week.

The expert voices powering The Monday Campaigns include academic partners from the Lerner Centers, composed of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Collectively the Lerner Centers seek to bring marketing best practices to public health in order to promote the healthy behaviors needed to address the epidemic of chronic preventable diseases.

" is very excited to be working with The Monday Campaigns," said Jon Katz, general manager of HealthGuru. " Together we can further our commitment to create a community where the most esteemed experts in medicine and lifestyle are engaged with users who are pursuing the science-based information that will allow them to achieve optimal health and wellness."

Peggy Neu, president of The Monday Campaigns, remarked, "Our collaboration with enables our organization to clearly convey our public health message of prevention. We hope the Healthy Monday series will give people the information and tools they need to start each week taking small steps that can create healthy habits for life."

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