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Federal milk marketing orders hearing continues
USAgNet - 11/30/2023

The hearings on the modernization of Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMO), which had paused in mid-October, have now resumed. This next phase of the hearings is critical, focusing primarily on Class One and Class Two differentials, which are central to the pricing of dairy products.

The ongoing discussion involves a detailed examination of several proposals aimed at reforming the dairy sector. One key proposal under consideration aims to increase the Class Two differential from its current rate of 70 cents per hundredweight to $1.56 per hundredweight. This proposed change is part of a broader effort to adjust pricing in a way that benefits dairy farmers and reflects the current economic realities of the industry.

Another major topic is the overall price differentials within the milk marketing orders. The discussions aim to address the challenges faced by dairy farmers and to align the pricing structures more closely with the costs and demands of modern dairy farming.

There's an acknowledgement that the FMMO reform process is lengthy and complex. If the hearings do not conclude in the upcoming weeks, they are expected to continue into January, leading to further delays in implementing any changes. The timeline suggests that even with a swift conclusion to the hearings, the reforms are unlikely to take effect before the beginning of 2025.

This period of hearings and discussions represents a critical moment for the dairy industry. The outcomes of these hearings are set to shape the future of milk marketing in the United States, impacting farmers, distributors, and consumers alike.

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