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NY farm bureau pushes for Ag budget boost
New York Ag Connection - 02/08/2024

On February 7th, New York Farm Bureau's Jeff Williams spoke before the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Environment and Agriculture, urging support for critical programs within the state budget. Highlighting the ongoing challenges of high input costs and low commodity prices, Williams emphasized the importance of these investments in bolstering New York's diverse agricultural industry.

"While we appreciate the Governor's initial investment, challenges remain," stated Williams. "We see tremendous potential in our industry, and securing these opportunities is crucial."

Key budgetary priorities advocated for by the Farm Bureau included:

• Promotional and research programs: Continued funding for initiatives supporting various farming sectors, including vegetables, fruits, hops, craft beverages, and the Farm Viability Institute.

• PRO-DAIRY and PRO-Livestock: Increased investment in these Cornell University programs, promoting science-based approaches to address climate change and improve farm practices.

• Environmental Protection Fund: Enhanced funding for critical environmental programs like Farmland Protection, Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Control, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

• Nourish-NY and Healthy School Meals for All: Support for these programs, providing farmers with market access and promoting access to healthy food for New Yorkers.

• Cornell Farm Labor Specialist program: Continued funding for the program, offering valuable on-site support to farmers in improving farm efficiencies, management, and working conditions.

• Refundable investment tax credit: Expansion of the credit to include construction and rehabilitation of farm housing, fostering improved living conditions for farmworkers.

By advocating for these key investments, the New York Farm Bureau seeks to ensure a robust and sustainable agricultural sector, benefiting both farmers and consumers across the state.

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