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New York expands farmworker safety grant program

New York expands farmworker safety grant program

By Blake Jackson

The John May Farm Safety Fund, a program dedicated to worker safety on New York farms, is now open to a wider range of applicants.

Managed by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH), the fund helps finance projects that improve farmworker well-being.

Established in memory of a NYCAMH founder, the John May Fund has provided nearly $1.2 million in grants for over 300 farm safety projects since 2016. Funded projects receive up to $5,000 to implement safety measures.

Previously, farms with a gross annual income exceeding $350,000 or dairy farms with over 1,000 milking cows were ineligible. The new guidelines remove these restrictions, allowing more farms to access crucial safety funding.

"We're committed to fostering a safer agricultural environment in New York," says Dahlia Sheehan-Yassin, NYCAMH Outreach Program Coordinator. "This expansion allows us to support innovative ideas that create healthier, safer farms."

The program relies on support from the agricultural community, donors, and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. "We appreciate the strong commitment to farmworker safety from Governor Hochul, Assemblymember Lupardo, Senator Hinchey, and other policymakers," says NYCAMH Director Julie Sorensen. "We're proud to support farmers in keeping their families and workers safe."

This expansion empowers more New York farms to prioritize worker safety by providing financial assistance for vital safety improvements.

It reflects a collaborative effort between NYCAMH, the government, and the agricultural community to ensure the well-being of those who work the land. For more information about NYCAMH and other farm safety services, please visit

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