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Dairy herd health - NY monitors H5N1

Dairy herd health - NY monitors H5N1

By Blake Jackson

The recent detection of H5N1, commonly known as avian influenza, in Midwestern dairy cattle has prompted heightened vigilance within the agricultural industry.

Although no cases have been reported in New York to date, Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) are proactively addressing potential risks.

Dr. Rob Lynch, a dairy herd health and management specialist with Cornell's Pro-Dairy program, recently participated in a Cornell Cooperative Extension podcast. During the discussion, Dr. Lynch emphasized the continued safety of dairy and meat products due to the effectiveness of pasteurization in eliminating viruses like H5N1.

He underscored the importance of ongoing vigilance and adherence to established biosecurity protocols. These practices, which include frequent handwashing, proper utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE), and adherence to established safety measures, are essential for safeguarding the health of both dairy herds and the individuals who work with them.

While the H5N1 situation in dairy cattle is evolving, the existing protocols provide a robust framework for managing this emerging threat.

Cornell University and CCE advise dairy farmers and industry stakeholders to stay informed by consulting with their local veterinarians and monitoring trusted resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Cornell Pro-Dairy. By taking proactive measures, New York's dairy industry can effectively mitigate the potential impact of H5N1.

Photo Credit: cornell-university

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