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Biosecurity tips for dairy cattle at exhibitions

Biosecurity tips for dairy cattle at exhibitions

By Blake Jackson

To prevent the spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in dairy cattle, New York State now requires testing within seven days before entering fairs or exhibitions. This applies to all events, including the Great New York State Fair. The test must be conducted by a certified lab.

"We want to be vigilant about HPAI concerns and ensure livestock safety," said Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball. "This testing, covered by the state, minimizes the spread risk while allowing fair traditions to continue."

The Health Department supports this measure. "There are no known HPAI cases in New York livestock or humans," said Dr. James McDonald, Health Commissioner. "We'll continue to monitor and prepare with the Department of Agriculture and Markets."

Producers are encouraged to follow additional biosecurity steps:

  • Limit farm access to essential personnel.
  • Provide farm-specific work boots.
  • Prevent cattle from drinking from sources potentially contaminated by waterfowl.
  • Stop wild birds from accessing feed sources and clean up spills.
  • Contact a veterinarian if cattle show HPAI signs.

These measures align with recommendations from the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). They recommend negative HPAI tests within seven days for interstate movement of lactating dairy cattle.

Financial assistance is available from USDA to help producers stop the spread of HPAI, including those without infected herds. This support includes biosecurity planning, veterinary costs for testing, and lab shipment costs.

Since March, HPAI has been detected in dairy cattle and goats in 12 states, but not yet in New York. The Department has urged veterinarians to report any signs of illness in farm animals.

Signs of HPAI in Cattle:

  • Decreased milk production, potentially with thicker milk in severely affected cows.
  • Reduced feed intake.
  • Abnormal feces.
  • Low-grade fever.

Signs of HPAI in Newborn Goats:

  • Unusual deaths.

If these symptoms are observed, veterinarians should contact the Department for sampling guidance.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-digitalvision

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