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Hochul unveils statewide solar program

Hochul unveils statewide solar program

By Blake Jackson

Governor Kathy Hochul has unveiled the adoption of the Statewide Solar for All program by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), a move set to significantly boost the proliferation of solar and retail energy storage projects throughout the state.

The program, to be overseen by each investor-owned utility serving electric energy affordability program (EAP) customers, marks a decisive step towards ensuring broader access to clean energy for New Yorkers.

In her statement, Governor Hochul highlighted the manifold benefits this initiative will bring, emphasizing its positive impacts on public health, environmental conservation, economic prosperity, and the reduction of electric bills for thousands of households.

PSC Chair Rory M. Christian emphasized the program's focus on affordability and equitable access to community solar, stressing its role in driving the growth of renewable energy while prioritizing benefits for low-income households.

By merging the utility-managed Energy Affordability Program (EAP) with market-based community solar, the Statewide Solar for All program aims to efficiently deliver clean energy savings to disadvantaged communities, with the objective of providing annual bill credits of at least $40 to over 800,000 households.

Furthermore, the PSC's actions grant flexibility to Community Distributed Generation (CDG) developers, allowing for up to three different savings rates for opt-in subscribers. This measure aims to expand New York's solar industry and extend the benefits of community solar projects to more households, including those with low incomes.

Aligned with New York State's ambitious climate agenda, which prioritizes a just transition to a green economy, the Statewide Solar for All program underscores the state's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing renewable energy.

With substantial investments in various clean energy initiatives, including renewable projects, emission reduction measures, and clean transportation initiatives, New York is poised to lead the nation in combating climate change while fostering sustainable economic growth.

Photo Credit: istock-shansekala

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