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Kellogg's to Open Larger Immersive Cereal Experience in NYC
New York Ag Connection - 08/09/2017

In July 2016, Kellogg's NYC cereal cafe opened to a cascade of enthusiastic breakfast lovers and global media attention. It became a worldwide sensation, opening up doors for fans to reimagine the cereal experience with one of the industry's most iconic brands.

Kellogg's took cereal to new levels with its business partner, Co.create NYC, led by culinary and hospitality experts Anthony Rudolf and Sandra Di Capua. Throughout the year, the partner collaborated with numerous creative partners including renowned chefs and unexpected restaurants and culinary institutions. Together, the partners worked to elevate unique cereal combinations and inspire one-of-a kind experiences in every spoonful.

Kellogg's quickly learned that this food and experience combination was too big to be contained in a mere 1,600 square feet. So, it's moving to a new home in downtown NYC. Significantly larger than the current location, the new spot will be able to contain an explosion of cereal inspiration and fun. For now, the company is keeping the details and the exact location boxed up like a favorite breakfast, but the company promises a more immersive experience and new kitchen to explore cereal in exciting, fresh ways throughout your day.

"We are thrilled and humbled by the response we have received with Kellogg's NYC," said Aleta Chase, Kellogg's marketing director. "We are happy to expand on the experience and look forward to making it even more amazing in downtown NYC later this year."

On Aug. 13, Kellogg's NYC will close its doors in Time Square to prepare for a grand opening in downtown NYC this winter. Kellogg's will release more information on what can be expected and its new location later this year. During the transition, join in at to try these culinary-inspired creations to wow taste buds with surprising ingredients and flavors!

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