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Discounted group tickets for NY state fair

Discounted group tickets for NY state fair

By Blake Jackson

The Great New York State Fair, recognized as the nation's most affordable state fair, has introduced a convenient group sales program for organizations seeking to purchase tickets in bulk. This program caters to large gatherings, family reunions, corporate outings, and other events.

Groups can take advantage of discounted rates by purchasing tickets online. A dedicated order form can be found on the Fair's website. Once completed, the form should be emailed to a designated address for processing.

Ticket pricing offers significant savings with increasing quantities purchased, with the most economical option being $5.51 per ticket for groups exceeding 5,000 attendees.

Shipping costs for physical tickets vary depending on the number ordered. However, the base ticket price offers comprehensive value, including entry to the Fairgrounds, access to all concerts, and enjoyment of ground entertainment.

It's important to note that regular admission, parking vouchers, and Midway ride tickets are not included in the group sales program and will be available for separate purchase soon.

The Fair will be held from August 21st to September 2nd, solidifying its position as a budget-friendly summer tradition. Attendees can look forward to a vibrant experience with daily concerts staged at two dedicated locations within the Fairgrounds.

For further details regarding the group sales program, concert schedules, or other Fair-related inquiries, please visit The Great New York State Fair's website.

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