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New York farm bureau seeks renewal under new leadership

New York farm bureau seeks renewal under new leadership

By Blake Jackson

The New York Farm Bureau (NYFB) is charting a new course under the leadership of CEO Deanna Fox, a descendant of dairy farmers. Ms. Fox aims to bolster the organization's advocacy efforts for New York's agricultural sector, which faces pressing challenges including rising input costs, labor shortages, and depressed commodity prices.

A key focus for the NYFB is reversing a decline in membership. Ms. Fox's deep agricultural roots are seen as an asset in this endeavor. The organization also recognizes the need to attract younger generations to agriculture.

NYFB plans to expand its outreach to high school guidance counselors, highlighting the diverse career paths available within the agricultural sector, such as craft brewing, viticulture, and agritourism.

Legislative issues remain a top priority for the NYFB. The delayed federal Farm Bill is a source of concern, and the organization is actively lobbying for a favorable outcome. Additionally, the NYFB opposes state bills that would increase production costs for farmers through stricter packaging regulations.

Dairy farming, a cornerstone of New York agriculture, is a particular area of focus for Ms. Fox. The NYFB is committed to helping dairy farmers secure affordable insurance, a critical element in managing risk.

In her new role, Ms. Fox emphasizes NYFB's unwavering support for the state's agricultural community. "We understand the immense challenges facing our farmers," she states. "Our primary objective is to mitigate those struggles and ensure the long-term viability of New York agriculture."

Photo Credit: new-york-farm-bureau

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