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NY farmers - mixed progress despite limited fieldwork

NY farmers - mixed progress despite limited fieldwork

By Blake Jackson

New York farmers faced a week with limited opportunities for fieldwork due to only 5 suitable days ending June 23rd, 2024, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. However, despite the restricted activity, crop development shows progress in many areas.

Soil moisture levels remain favorable across the state. Topsoil moisture is rated at 0% very short and 2% short, with the majority (78%) adequate and 20% surplus. Subsoil moisture reflects a similar picture, with no reports of very short or short moisture, 87% adequate, and 12% surplus.

Apple Development on Track

Apple trees are progressing well, with green tip (buds just beginning to show green) at 94% and pink stage (flower buds beginning to show color) at 92%, both slightly ahead of last year.

Barley and Hay Production

Barley planting reached 87%, slightly behind the five-year average but exceeding last year's numbers. Emergence sits at 77%, with some early heading already underway at 34%.

Hay production for both alfalfa and other hay types is progressing steadily. The first cutting of alfalfa hay is nearly complete at 86%, while the second cutting has begun with 25% progress. Hay from other sources also shows good progress, with the first cutting at 79% complete.

Corn and Soybeans Show Promise

Corn planting reached 92%, with emergence at 81%. While emergence lags behind last year's exceptional numbers, it remains above the historical average. The average corn height is currently 14 inches.

Soybean planting is nearing completion at 91%, with emergence at 77%. Like corn, soybean emergence is behind last year's figures but within the typical five-year range.

Other Crops

Planting progress for oats reached 96%, with emergence at 88% and some early heading at 32%. Onion planting is at 61%, while potato planting reached 74%.

Sweet corn and snap bean planting also show steady progress, with 69% and 32% planted, respectively. Winter wheat continues to mature, with 88% of the crop headed.

While some setbacks occurred due to limited fieldwork opportunities, New York farmers are seeing positive progress in many crops. Continued monitoring of weather conditions will be crucial for optimal growing conditions in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-kotenko-a

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