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DEC Encourages Outdoor Enthusiasts to Buy Patch, Stamps
New York Ag Connection - 10/09/2018

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced the release of the second of three New York State Trail Supporter Patches. The patches resemble trail markers used by DEC, with the newest to mark east-west directional trails, a red round disc with white lettering. DEC also reminds hunters and outdoor enthusiasts that purchasing a $5 Habitat & Access Stamp helps fund projects to protect and improve fish and wildlife habitat and improve public access for fish- and wildlife-related recreation.

"New York residents and visitors can partner with DEC and support our ongoing efforts to upgrade trail systems and preserve New York's natural habitats and access areas," said Commissioner Seggos. "Purchasing the new Trail Patch and our Habitat and Access Stamps helps support and maintain our state's superb recreational trails and public access to the outdoors."

The Trail Supporter Patch is available for $5 at all sporting license outlets or on-line at the DECALS website for current New York State sporting license holders and will officially be available for purchase on October 1. Patch sale proceeds help maintain and enhance non-motorized recreation trails throughout the state. All monies raised from patch purchases will be deposited in the Conservation Fund's Outdoor Recreation, Trail Maintenance, and Development Account.

DEC remains committed to promoting all the amazing opportunities for hiking throughout the Adirondack Park, and is actively working with partner organizations and tourism promotion agencies to highlight and encourage sustainable recreation and responsible hiking on trails across the state. Under Governor Cuomo's Adventure NY initiative, DEC is making strategic investments to expand access to healthy, active outdoor recreation, connect more New Yorkers and visitors to nature and the outdoors, protect natural resources, and boost local economies. Read more about the Adventure NY initiative.

The patch was first introduced in 2007 to help raise funds to maintain trails across the state. To date, DEC has used funds from patch sales to purchase material for construction of a boardwalk and pit privy in Texas Hollow State Forest, foot bridges on the Northville Placid Trail and Catskill Visitor Center, maintenance of Otter Creek Horse Trails, a horse mounting platform to improve access for people with disabilities at Brookfield Horse Assembly Area and lean-tos in the High Peaks Wilderness. Patch funds were also used to purchase materials for the new mountain bike trails at Elm Ridge Wild Forest. Since 2007, sales of the trail supporter patch have raised more than $34,000.

In addition to supporting New York State trails, hunters are also reminded to be a "Habitat Hero" this fall, by purchasing a $5 Habitat & Access Stamp. Donations will help fund projects to protect and improve fish and wildlife habitat, and to improve public access for fish and wildlife-related recreation. This year's stamp features a barred owl and is available through all license issuing outlets. For more information on the Trail Supporter Patch or the Habitat & Access Stamp, visit DEC's website.

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