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New York State Dairy Farm Wins Leopold Conservation Award
New York Ag Connection - 09/18/2023

Dygert Farms, a dairy farm in Montgomery County, New York, has been selected for the 2023 Leopold Conservation Award. The award recognizes farmers and ranchers who demonstrate a commitment to land, water, and wildlife habitat management on working land.

Dygert Farms is owned and operated by Robby and Shannon Dygert. The farm has been in the Dygert family for 12 generations. Robby and Shannon have continued the family's tradition of environmental stewardship by implementing a number of conservation practices on their farm.

These practices include:

• Minimum/no-till planting

• Cover cropping

• Clean water diversion practices

• Whole farm nutrient management

The Dygerts also work with a team of professionals to manage their soil, water, and livestock manure to maximize crop yields while protecting groundwater supplies.

In addition to their conservation efforts, the Dygerts are also innovative farmers. In 2021, they opened the Dygert Farms Creamery processing plant. This allows them to process and sell their own dairy products, which has helped them to diversify their business and adapt to the ever-fluctuating dairy market.

The Dygerts are an inspiration to other farmers and ranchers. Their commitment to conservation and innovation shows that it is possible to be both profitable and environmentally responsible.

About the Leopold Conservation Award

The Leopold Conservation Award is a competitive award that recognizes landowner achievement in voluntary conservation. Sand County Foundation presents the award in 27 states. New York's AEM Award joined with the nationally recognized Leopold Conservation Award® program in 2020.

The award is named after Aldo Leopold, a renowned conservationist and author of the book "A Sand County Almanac." Leopold was a pioneer in the field of land stewardship, and his work continues to inspire conservationists today.

About New York State's AEM Program

New York State's Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program is a voluntary, incentive-based approach to protect natural resources and meet the economic needs of the agricultural community. The program provides financial assistance to farmers and ranchers who implement conservation practices on their land.

The AEM program is a model for the nation, and it has helped to make New York State a leader in agricultural conservation. Learn more at

For more information on the award, visit

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