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Explore New York county fairs with Never Far from Fun

Explore New York county fairs with Never Far from Fun

By Blake Jackson

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a comprehensive $2 million marketing initiative aimed at promoting New York's diverse array of county and local fairs.

These efforts, part of the broader "Get Offline, Get Outside" summer campaign, are designed to encourage New Yorkers to step away from screens and enjoy the outdoor experiences offered by over 50 fairs statewide.

The initiative includes a multi-channel advertising blitz encompassing television, radio, digital platforms, and billboards strategically placed across major highways and urban centers.

This campaign, branded as "Never Far From Fun," features a 30-second television spot and targeted radio advertisements to build excitement and draw attendees to county fairs.

Additionally, digital ads will run on popular streaming services like Roku, Hulu, and Spotify, ensuring broad outreach.

A centerpiece of the initiative is the County Fairs Passport program, encouraging families and individuals to visit multiple fairs throughout the summer.

Passports can be obtained at local Cornell Cooperative Extension offices, State Welcome Centers, and State Parks, where fairgoers can collect unique stamps and receive "Ag Swag" as they explore agricultural exhibits and enjoy fair attractions.

To facilitate access, the state is launching a transportation grant pilot program, starting with the Boonville-Oneida County Fair, to offset travel costs for young people. This initiative aims to make fairs more accessible and inclusive, particularly for those who may face financial barriers.

The promotional efforts are a collaborative endeavor involving the State Department of Agriculture and Markets, local fair associations, and community stakeholders.

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball emphasized the significance of county fairs in showcasing New York's agricultural heritage and bolstering local economies.

The initiative has garnered support from various quarters, including State Parks Commissioner Pro Tempore Randy Simons and legislative leaders like Senate Agriculture Chair Michelle Hinchey and Assemblymember Donna Lupardo. Their collective endorsement underscores the fairs' role not only as cultural events but also as economic drivers across the state.

With a rich calendar of events from July through mid-September, including the iconic Great New York State Fair, these local fairs promise family-friendly entertainment, educational experiences on agriculture, and opportunities to support local communities.

They contribute significantly to New York's economy, generating millions in economic activity and supporting thousands of jobs annually.

Governor Hochul's commitment to revitalizing county and youth fairs underscores her administration's dedication to promoting community engagement, outdoor recreation, and agricultural education throughout New York State.

Photo Credit: istock-primeimages

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