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New York invests $33M in farmland protection

New York invests $33M in farmland protection

By Blake Jackson

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a substantial investment of nearly $33 million in the protection of vital farmland across New York State. Through the Farmland Protection Implementation Grants (FPIG) program, not-for-profit conservation organizations will safeguard 12,356 acres spread over 33 farms.

This funding, the third and final allocation of Round 19 of the program, underscores New York's commitment to maintaining agricultural land, ensuring the longevity of farming operations, and bolstering the state's agricultural sector.

Highlighting the significance of New York's farmland and its contribution to food production and environmental health, Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of preserving these resources for future generations.

The state's Farmland Protection program, now in its nineteenth round, prioritizes key areas such as food security, climate resilience, and safeguarding water sources. Eligible sectors for funding encompass agroforestry, equine, and wine industries, alongside newer categories like field crops, livestock, and access to farmland.

The inclusion of access to farmland as an eligibility criterion aims to address persistent challenges confronting both new and retiring farmers. By facilitating access to land, the program seeks to support the continuity of agricultural operations and foster opportunities for aspiring farmers.

To date, the FPIG program has made significant strides in preserving New York's agricultural landscape, safeguarding over 118,400 acres through conservation easement projects.

With a total investment exceeding $282 million across 397 farms, the program has demonstrated its commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting the state's valuable farmland.

Projects awarded in various regions including the Capital Region, Mohawk Valley, Mid-Hudson, Central New York, Finger Lakes, and Southern Tier reflect the program's statewide impact.

The allocated funds will empower conservation organizations uphold their mission of preserving farmland, thereby ensuring the continued prosperity of New York's agricultural industry.

Photo Credit: istock-alenamozhjer

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