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NY seeks dairy promotion ideas - $16M fund

NY seeks dairy promotion ideas - $16M fund

By Blake Jackson

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets is offering dairy farmers and processors a chance to share in over $16 million! The Dairy Promotion Order (DPO) Advisory Board is seeking applications for projects that promote and research New York-produced dairy products.

"New York boasts some of the finest dairy products globally," said Commissioner Ball. "The DPO Board plays a key role in showcasing these products to consumers worldwide. We encourage all eligible applicants to seize this opportunity and help propel New York's dairy industry forward."

Non-profit organizations, research institutions, and private businesses (excluding those affiliated with the DPO Board) can apply. Proposals should focus on marketing, promoting, and researching New York milk and dairy products. They cannot promote specific brands.

Applications are due by August 20th, 2024, and can be submitted online at Funding comes directly from New York dairy producers and aims to expand their reach in domestic and international markets.

The DPO Board, meeting in June, identified nine goals to guide its 2024 efforts:

  • Increase youth consumption of New York dairy products in schools and other programs.
  • Promote the unique qualities and sales of New York dairy products throughout the supply chain, including e-commerce and curbside sales.
  • Improve consumer perception of dairy products and farm practices, leading to higher consumption.
  • Enhance communication between dairy producers and advocates to promote best practices and environmental stewardship.
  • Increase sales and consumption of US dairy products exported internationally.
  • Participate in national programs that boost overall dairy consumption.
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns to reach Gen Z (ages 10-23) and promote New York dairy products.
  • Implement inclusive marketing strategies to reach diverse populations and increase consumption.
  • Conduct research to create new dairy products or improve existing ones for wider consumer appeal.
  • Research opportunities and challenges facing the dairy industry to educate consumers and ensure the growth of dairy processing in New York.

The DPO Advisory Board, consisting of ten appointed dairy producers, advises the Commissioner on allocating these funds and recommending promotional and research projects.

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