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N.Y. Industrial Hemp Harvest Starts
New York Ag Connection - 10/08/2019

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in New York, there were 4.0 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday. Topsoil moisture supplies were 5 percent very short, 7 percent short, 61 percent adequate, and 27 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 6 percent very short, 4 percent short, 59 percent adequate, and 31 percent surplus.

Pasture conditions ranged from 5 percent very poor, 17 percent poor, 26 percent fair, 31 percent good, and 21 percent excellent.

Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

Cayuga County, Colleen Cargile: Cool, wet fall weather has set in. A lot of farms have begun chopping corn silage, but have not gotten very far; many of the corn fields are still quite green. Everything is very late this year. The soybeans are dropping leaves, but I have only seen a couple of fields that have been harvested. The wet weather we've had this week, is not conducive for harvesting soybeans. Many parts of the county experienced the first frost on Saturday, which did have some damaging effects, especially for vegetable producers that were still trying to harvest.

Chemung/Cortland/Tioga/Tompkins counties, Janice Degni: Weather this week was wet. We had showers or heavy rain Monday through Friday. Temperatures started off higher 70-80's but by Tuesday dropped to 60s, 50s and lower. Frost warnings for Friday night. Frost will be decisive for corn silage harvest since many still waiting for late planted corn to continue maturing.

Genesee/Niagara/Orleans counties, Nathan R Herendeen: Continue wheat planting. Continue corn silage and hay crop silage harvest. No shelled corn or soy harvest yet.

Lewis County, Joe Lawrence: The week presented weather extremes with temperatures over 80 degrees on Tuesday and a frost early Saturday morning. With lows under 30 degrees across many areas of the county this was likely a killing frost for significant acres of corn that were not yet mature. Significant rainfall has created some wet field conditions, though after a relatively dry 3 month period conditions in most fields will continue to support equipment operations.

Livingston County, Dean R Pendergast: Emerged winter wheat looks very good to excellent. Corn silage harvest continues at a fast pace. Reports of a few soybean field harvested.

Madison County, Jessica Pylman: Madison County had a drizzly wet week but I've seen a lot of producers out this weekend combining high moisture corn, chopping and harvesting green beans. The fields are a little muddy but still able to be harvested. We had our first hard frost Friday night/Saturday morning. We've heard from many producers that they are finishing with their wheat plantings.

Ontario County, Joann Rogers: Ontario County producers were harvesting soybeans, corn-silage and fruits and vegetables. Fall tillage continues along with small grains being planted. Some rain and cooler temperatures (possible frost) were received at the end of the week.

Oswego County, Ellen deMey: Onions have been undercut on the mucks, producers have started to chop corn silage and the beans are beginning to dry down. Industrial hemp harvest has started as well.

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