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Nevada's Ag Wagon - A fun & educational VR farm tour

Nevada's Ag Wagon - A fun & educational VR farm tour

By Jamie Martin

Nevada is known for its diverse agricultural outputs, which include specialty crops such as potatoes, onions, and garlic.

To enhance public understanding and appreciation of these vital industries, the Nevada Farm Bureau introduced the Nevada Ag Wagon. This innovative mobile unit combines virtual reality with interactive learning to bring the realities of farming directly to the public.

Equipped with striking visuals of Nevada’s agricultural landscapes, the Ag Wagon’s exterior draws in visitors, while its interior offers a virtual reality experience that simulates the farming process from soil preparation to harvest.

Visitors face simulations of common farming challenges, including severe weather and pests, enhancing their appreciation for the complexities of agricultural production.

Additional features of the Ag Wagon include touchscreen videos and quizzes, further engaging users and deepening their understanding of agriculture. “This immersive technology allows visitors to experience the life of a farmer and understand the intricacies of cultivating specialty crops,” explained the Nevada Farm Bureau.

The project has not only increased awareness but has also earned the Nevada Farm Bureau the 2024 New Horizon Award from the American Farm Bureau Federation, recognizing their innovative approach to agricultural education.

Looking ahead, the Nevada Farm Bureau plans to expand the Ag Wagon’s offerings to include more crops and regions, and to attend more events statewide, broadening its impact on educating the public about Nevada’s agricultural sector.

Photo Credit: american-farm-bureau-federation

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