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Senator Gillibrand advances rural NY priorities in farm bill

Senator Gillibrand advances rural NY priorities in farm bill

By Blake Jackson

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, hosted a virtual press conference to highlight significant advancements for rural New Yorkers outlined in the Farm Bill framework.

This comprehensive legislation, revisited every five years, establishes national policies on agriculture, nutrition, and forestry. Gillibrand championed several key provisions incorporated into the draft bill, focusing on expanded access to SNAP benefits, increased support for food banks, bolstered assistance for New York's dairy and specialty crop farmers, and investments in rural infrastructure and economic development. She is now dedicated to ensuring these priorities make it into the final bill.

"The Farm Bill is critical legislation that directly impacts hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers," Senator Gillibrand emphasized. "As a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I've advocated to tailor it to meet the needs of our state's agricultural producers, rural communities, and food banks.

This framework addresses crucial issues by expanding SNAP eligibility to include more college students and service members, enhancing protections for our dairy farmers-the backbone of our industry-and providing vital resources to our apple orchards and vineyards.

Additionally, it allocates significant funding to support rural hospitals, childcare facilities, and environmental cleanup efforts. This bill is a major victory for New York, and I am committed to ensuring all these priorities are included in the final legislation."

Gillibrand's efforts have secured several key measures in the Farm Bill framework:

The framework expands and enhances access to SNAP benefits by:

  • Making more military families eligible for SNAP by excluding Basic Allowance for Housing from income calculations.
  • Closing loopholes in the SNAP Employment and Training program to prevent jobseekers from losing benefits.
  • Allowing former foster youth attending college and individuals with felony drug convictions to enroll in SNAP.
  • Allocating $5 million annually for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative to combat food deserts.

Dairy and Farming

The bill strengthens protections for New York's dairy farmers by improving the Dairy Margin Coverage Program and supporting fruit and vegetable farms through increased funding for the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.

Rural Development

Senator Gillibrand's initiatives also include measures to promote rural economic growth, establish a Rural Partnership Program for job creation and infrastructure development, provide funding for rural healthcare and childcare facilities, and allocate resources for pollution cleanup in small towns.

Through these initiatives, Gillibrand aims to address critical needs in rural New York, ensuring that the final Farm Bill reflects the state's diverse agricultural landscape and supports its rural communities effectively.

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