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Administrator boosts American farms with fertilizer investments

Administrator boosts American farms with fertilizer investments

By Jamie Martin

The administration is investing $83 million in domestic fertilizer projects to strengthen American farms and rural communities. These investments aim to bolster domestic fertilizer production, reduce costs for farmers, and promote competition in agricultural markets.

Through the Fertilizer Production Expansion Program (FPEP), independent businesses across 12 states will receive grants to modernize equipment, adopt new technologies, and build production plants. These projects will help increase domestic fertilizer production and support farmers nationwide.

For example, in California, a food waste upcycling facility will recycle organic waste into fertilizer, benefiting approximately 90 producers in the region. In Florida, a manufacturing facility will produce fertilizer components for over 200 independent retailers across multiple states. And in Iowa, an expansion project will accelerate domestic fertilizer production, supporting local farmers and communities.

Since its inception, FPEP has invested $251 million in 57 projects across 29 states. These investments address rising fertilizer prices and promote long-term economic growth in rural America. By strengthening supply chains and supporting climate-smart innovation, FPEP contributes to global food security and resilience in agriculture.

The administration remains committed to promoting fair competition, innovation, and sustainability in the agriculture sector. These investments not only create jobs and economic opportunities but also address the challenges facing American farmers and ranchers.

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