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Climate smart cotton program offers new benefits

Climate smart cotton program offers new benefits

By Jamie Martin

The US Cotton Trust Protocol has unveiled its Level 2 Climate Smart Cotton Program, aimed at encouraging sustainable farming practices among US cotton growers. This initiative builds upon Level 1 by offering additional financial support to growers who adopt Climate Smart Practice Changes.

Participants can receive up to $45 per acre over three years by implementing new practices like cover cropping or no-till farming for the first time. Those integrating nutrient management plans with new practices can qualify for additional incentives.

Charles “Chaz” Holt, Director of Field Programs at the Trust Protocol, emphasizes that Level 2 helps growers mitigate risk while transitioning to Climate Smart Agriculture. New options this year make more growers eligible for participation.

To qualify for Level 2, growers must meet Level 1 requirements, adopt a new Climate Smart Agriculture practice, and quantify greenhouse gas emissions on changed acres. Enrollment specialists are available to assist throughout the process.

For more information or to connect with a Grower Enrollment Specialist, email

Photo Credit: us-cotton-trust

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