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Farm groups EPA's vehicle emissions rules

Farm groups EPA's vehicle emissions rules

By Jamie Martin

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and several farming organizations have filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding its heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards. The lawsuit, filed in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, challenges EPA's regulations set for model years 2027-2032.

According to the plaintiffs, the EPA's regulations overly prioritize electric vehicles (EVs) while neglecting the role of ethanol as a low-carbon fuel option.

Harold Wolle, President of NCGA, criticized the EPA's approach, arguing that ethanol should be considered equally in efforts to reduce emissions from transportation. "Livestock transportation relies heavily on efficient heavy-duty trucks," Wolle emphasized.

Zippy Duvall, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation, voiced concerns that electric trucks could lead to longer travel times for livestock, impacting animal welfare and farm efficiency.

The lawsuit asserts that the EPA exceeded its authority by focusing too narrowly on electrification without adequately considering alternative solutions such as ethanol.

Photo Credit: national-corn-growers-association

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