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House farm bill targets key needs for cattle industry

House farm bill targets key needs for cattle industry

By Jamie Martin

Championed by House Agriculture Committee Chairman Glenn "GT" Thompson, the 2024 Farm Bill—formally known as the Farm, Food, and National Security Act—has received strong support from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA).

This legislation is tailored to meet the diverse needs of America’s cattle industry, enhancing programs that protect against diseases, support disaster recovery, and facilitate sustainable practices.

The bill's passage marks a culmination of extensive consultations with stakeholders, including cattle producers who have voiced their needs in various listening sessions. NCBA Vice President Gene Copenhaver highlighted the inclusiveness of the process, noting that the provisions now included in the bill directly reflect the industry’s priorities discussed in these forums.

Key components of the bill include:

  • Enhanced funding for animal health networks and disease response initiatives, crucial for managing outbreaks and ensuring the health of the national herd.
  • Broadened disaster relief measures, which now more adequately compensate for losses due to protected predators and include additional support for unborn calves.
  • Support for the USDA’s Beagle Brigade, bolstering the U.S.'s frontline defenses against agricultural pests and diseases.
  • Incentives for local meat processing facilities, aimed at boosting the cattle market's independence and resilience.

Additionally, the bill underscores the critical linkage between agriculture and national security by directing a comprehensive review of risks related to cybersecurity, foreign dependencies, and supply chain integrity.

As the bill progresses through Congress, its comprehensive scope is set to provide significant benefits to cattle producers, enhancing both industry stability and food security nationwide.

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