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Nut tree cultivation conference in Syracuse - July 21-24

Nut tree cultivation conference in Syracuse - July 21-24

By Blake Jackson

Calling all nut enthusiasts! The Northern Nut Growers Association and Chestnut Growers of America are teaming up for a 3-day conference in Syracuse, New York from July 21 to 24. Held at the Collegian Hotel and Suites, the event will focus on nut tree cultivation, processing, and marketing.

This conference is open to everyone with an interest in nut trees, from home growers to industry professionals. Attendees can expect talks by local and international experts on breeding, orchard management, harvesting, and the health benefits of various nuts. There will also be discussions on value-added marketing, a growing trend in the nut industry.

A highlight of the conference will be field tours of research facilities and working nut tree orchards in the Finger Lakes region. Participants will see firsthand the latest advancements in nut tree cultivation and processing techniques.

"We're excited to showcase research on disease resistance and restoration of nut trees, especially the American chestnut," says Andrew Newhouse, Director of a relevant project at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF).

"With rising threats to our forests, exploring new tools is crucial," Newhouse emphasizes. "Biotechnology, along with other methods, might be key to bringing back iconic species like the American chestnut."

Organizers have secured prominent speakers and exhibitors, promising valuable learning experience for all participants. The conference coincides with a surge in interest in nut trees, particularly chestnut and hazelnut, partly driven by new funding programs for agroforestry practices.

"We're seeing more people interested in growing and processing chestnuts and hazelnuts," says Jeff Zarnowski, a nut tree expert with experience in cooperative ventures. "Field tours showcasing processing facilities will highlight the growing profitability potential for nut producers."

Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, this conference offers a unique opportunity to delve into the world of nut trees. Sign up and join the nut enthusiasts in Syracuse!

To learn more about the program and schedule of events for the July 21 to 25 joint NNGA/CGA conference, go to

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